EZ-Stack 350 Accessory



Unlock new possibilities with the EZ-Stack 350, designed to enhance your Block And Roll® Block Mover Cart by enabling the stacking of a 350lb block onto another 350lb or 500lb block. The process is seamless – insert the EZ-Stack Accessory into the forks of your Mover Cart, then insert the cart with EZ-Stack into a 350lb block. The stop on the EZ-Stack will only allow you to insert part of the way into the block. Using the same effort to tip a 700lb block, you can tip the 350lb block at the right angle to place it on top of another 350lb block or a 500lb block.

For added versatility, opt for the EZ-Stack 350-T model, equipped with a trailer ball. This feature allows you to move most small lightweight trailers effortlessly. Simply slide the EZ-Stack into the forks on any of our block mover carts, insert the trailer ball into the trailer coupler, and push down on the cart to raise the trailer tongue off the ground. With a maximum tongue weight of 500lb, the EZ-Stack 350-T ensures efficient and secure trailer movement. Elevate your block-stacking capabilities and trailer maneuverability with the EZ-Stack 350 series.


NOTE:  Will not stack a block larger than 350lb.  

PATENT NO.: US 9,868,455

California Prop 65 | WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Weight 10 lbs
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