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We are a highly skilled team with years of engineering and design experience for the event rental market. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!

After years in the tent industry experimenting with efficient solutions for tent ballasting, Block and Roll Tent Ballast Solutions was born.

Staking tents is not always an option. Our goal was to develop a system for ballasting tents that offered speed in installation, safety, easy storage and transportation. The Block and Roll system answers all of those needs.

This innovative and versatile design features blocks that offer forklift friendly, pallet-free moving and storage as well as a sleek, lightweight hand truck that provides hand-moving for up to 700lb weights. Recent ballast studies (done by the IFAI Tent Rental Division) have given the tent industry an awakening in successful and safe ballasting. In consideration of these studies, we have included details in the block design such as multiple tie off points, considerations for various terrains and adaptability with stacking at multiple points.

These thoughtfully designed accessories include the ballast plates, which provide a base for increasing a single point ballast up to 2800lbs, a cart for stacking weights when a forklift is not available as well as an all terrain cart for moving weights on grass.

Our idea was born from experience. The team at Block and Roll was challenged to collect a wish list of features and turn it into a system that we can share with the industry, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of an efficient, aesthetically pleasing way to ballast your tents when staking simply isn’t an option.


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