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Solutions for the Tent, Rental and Production Industry

Best Anchor System Supplier: Block and Roll® Tent Ballast Solutions 2018/2019

Best Installation Equipment Supplier 2020/2022/2023

“Block and Roll has taken the guess work out of how to ballast tents in the future,” says Dan Hooks, president and owner of Party Reflections, Charlotte, N.C. “Their system provides not only the concentrated holding power of concrete, but it attaches to the tent more effectively at multiple points for better holding power and includes the material handling capability to transport them to and from the jobsite. It is a well-thought-out system from yard to event site and back.”

Best Lighting System Supplier: B&R Innovations LLC 2018

“After the first use [of eight High Bay LED lights from Block and Roll] I was extremely happy with my purchase,” says Rob Cruikshank of 24/7 Events, Santa Clarita, Calif. “Two months later we purchased 40 more units in both the black and the white frame. I am convinced that these are the most efficient, attractive, rugged, easy-to-use and cost effective High Bay lights on the market.” Block and Roll LED lights are designed for quick and easy installation and are lightweight. The lights use less energy from onsite power sources, yielding higher output with limited power consumption.”

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